Monday, August 25, 2014

Ancestry Hint : June Lambertson Obituary, 1951 Bloomington Herald-Telephone

Working through the 'shaky leaf' hints on my maternal side and came across a new one for my great-grandmother, June (Davis) Lambertson (1898-1951).   This hint was for an obituary in an off-site database, the Monroe County, Indiana Obituary Index maintained by the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington.

Taking a look at the site, June's obituary was published in the Bloomington Herald-Telephone in their March 21, 1951 edition.  I was previously unaware of this obituary, and have added it to my Rootsmagic database list of "to-do" items.

I wonder if the obituary is much different than the local ones that I've already written about from the Elwood Call-Leader?  Perhaps additional local family were mentioned in the Bloomington paper.

June was born the daughter of Ida Davis, but raised by her grandmother and step-grandfather under the Gilliland name in the Owen County/Monroe County, Indiana area.  June married June 28, 1917 in Monroe County, Indiana to Clemon Beals Lambertson.

At the time of her death, she would have been survived by a sister, Pansy, of Crawfordsville.  Was the obituary published in Bloomington so that distant cousins would see it?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Surname Saturday : Applegate

The APPLEGATE surname is in my paternal line.  The origins of the surname are unknown at this time.

Stories and history :

Ahnentafel # 159 : Elizabeth Applegate (c1758-    ).  Elizabeth was born circa 1758.  She married Cornelius Sutton (1750-1850).  Cornelius was born October 21, 1750 in Middlesex County, New Jersey.  They raised six children.  Cornelius died September 30, 1850 in West Union, Doddridge County, Virginia.  Elizabeth's death date and place is unknown.

Ahentafel # 318 : Benjamin Applegate (      ).  Benjamin married Rebecca Wall.  Nothing further known at this time.

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ancestry Hint : June Lambertson in 1929 Elwood Indiana City Directory

Reviewing the shaky leaves on my Ancestry "cousin bait" tree for my maternal great-grandmother, June Kirk (Davis) Lambertson the record for the family in the 1929 city directory of Elwood, Indiana.

1929 Elwood, Indiana City Directory (Binghampton, NY: The Calkin-Kelly Directory Company, 1929), page 131, Lambertson, Clemon; digital image, ( : accessed 20 August 2014).

While this wasn't the first time I had seen this record (I had previously viewed it at the Elwood Public Library), I was able to save the image to my computer and cite it in my Rootsmagic database and add the image to my Rootsmagic file.  I also attached the record to June's husband, Clemon, my maternal great-grandfather.

The record shows that Clemon and June lived at 1906 North F Street in Elwood, and that Clemon's occupation was that of a cabinet maker. This correlates to other information that I've uncovered stating that Clemon worked for the Sellers Kitchen Cabinets.

The directory also lists another Lambertson family, that of Orville J and Martha C, who rented a home at 522 North 14th in Elwood.  Orville was the brother of Clemon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cousin Bait Tree

I've added an additional tree to my profile, a "cousin bait" tree full of everyone in my database. This includes my family, Eileen's family, my daughter's family, my stepchildren's family and every one who I'm researching that I've been unable to connect to my main tree.  The name of the current version of this tree is entitled Travis LeMaster Genealogy - August 2014.  

I'm going to use this tree to find cousin and 'hints' from Ancestry using their shaky leaves to search the records and see ones that could be matched to my database.  I'm going to keep my Rootsmagic database as my primary database and will not add any images or attach records to this new tree.

I'm also keeping my current tree online LeMaster & Allied Families which I've been using to direct folks to who have connected to me through my DNA search.  I hope to eventually replace it with a more up-to-date version.

My plan is to systematically go through this new tree, review the hints and add the records to my primary database at Rootsmagic.  Once I've been able to update it enough, I will periodically replace it.

I'm taking a bit of a hint from Randy over at Geneamusings, though I've not gone so far as to have FamilyTreeMaker installed and have it synced.  I need to really dig into the features of Rootsmagic and utilize Ancestry's computers ability to search out records for me automatically.

This summer has been so busy that I really haven't done much in the way of family history research.  Hopefully this will inspire me to get back to it.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Surname Saturday : Antonides

The ANTONIDES surname is in my maternal line.  The origins of the surname are Dutch.  There is much to learn about this line and its ties to early New Netherlands history.

Stories and history : 

Ahnentafel # 213 : Joannah Antonides (1778-1825).  Joannah was born August 28, 1778 in New Jersey.  She married James Groenendyke (1770-1836) on June 4, 1797.  James was born in 1770 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and died September 1836 in Fayette County, Indiana.  They were the parents of eight children.  They resided in Middlesex and Monmouth Counties, New Jersey before coming to Dearborn County, Indiana by 1815 and Fayette County, Indiana by 1818.  Joannah died in 1825 in Fayette County, Indiana.

Ahnentafel # 426 : Pieter Antonides (1726-1796).  Pieter was born July 31, 1726 in Marlboro, New Jersey.  He married Catherine Vanderveer (1732-1796) on November 10, 1750.  Catherine was born August 11, 1732 and died May 8, 1796.  They were the parents of eight children and lived in Kings County, New York.  Pieter died August 27, 1796.

Ahnentafel # 852 : Johannis Antonides (1683-   ).  Johannis was born March 28, 1683 in Franeker, Netherlands.  He married Annetje Couwenhoven (1690-  ) in 1724.  Annetje was born October 21, 1690.  They were the parents of at least two children.  The location of Annetje and Johannis' death is unknown.

Ahnentafel # 1704 : Vincentius Antonides (1666-1744).  Vincentius was born in 1666 in the Netherlands.  He married Anatie Van Couvenhaven.  Her date of birth and death are unknown.  Vincentius immigrated from Bergen, Friesland, Netherlands on January 1, 1705.  He was the pastor of Kings County Reformed Dutch Church.  The were the parents of at least three children.  Vincentius died in 1744.

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Surname Saturday – create a post in which you discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research. Surname Saturday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Exploratory Data Analysis : Caroline Bishop (Woolston) Chew (1826-1879)

Caroline Bishop (Woolston) Chew (1826-1879) was my paternal 3rd-great grandmother.  What follows is an exploratory analysis of the biographical data I have discovered about her.

1. Vital Records

     Caroline was born February 6, 1826 in Vincentown, Burlington County, New Jersey. The Chew Genealogy gives the date but not the location1.

     1.1. Birth Certificate

          The State of New Jersey did not require birth certificates at the time of her birth.  The State Archives has birth records from 1848.

          1.1.1. Birth Notice in Newspaper

               If Caroline's birth was recorded in a local newspaper, it has been lost to time.

          1.1.2. Bible Record

               The family Bible record of her son, Abel, was transcribed in a message board2.  That record gives her year of birth as 1824.

          1.1.3. Baptismal Record

               I have not located any baptismal record for Caroline. The family were members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

          1.1.4. Adoption Record

               There is no indication that Caroline was adopted.

     1.2. Marriage License

          Caroline married December 29, 1842 in New Jersey11 (probably Gloucester County) to Ezekiel Cooper Chew.  Ezekiel was born January 17, 1822 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.  They raised 14 children in New Jersey and Ohio.  Ezekiel died August 27, 1888 in St. Joseph County, Indiana3.

          1.2.1 Marriage Notice in Newspaper

                    Will need to search contemporary newspaper accounts to see if their nuptials were mentioned.

          1.2.2. Anniversary Notice

               Ezekiel and Caroline's 25th wedding anniversary would have been December 29, 1867.  Will need to search contemporary newspaper accounts to see if there was any mention of anniversary celebrations.

          1.2.3. Divorce Decree

               There is no indication that Caroline was ever divorced.

     1.3. Death Certificate

          Caroline died February 27, 18794 in Rossburg, Darke County, Ohio.  I do not yet have a copy of her death certificate.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

          1.3.1. Obituary in Newspaper

               Will need to search contemporary newspaper accounts to see if Caroline's death was mentioned.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

          1.3.2. Funeral Home Records

               Will need to search the local historical society to see if they have copies of the funeral home records to see if I can learn anything more about the arrangements for Caroline.  Will add this to my "to-do" items for my next research trip.

          1.3.3. Tombstone Photograph

               Caroline's tombstone in the Webster Cemetery in Darke County, Ohio has been photographed5.  A link to her memorial page at FindAGrave is located here.

2. Census Records

     2.1. Federal Census Records

          2.1.1. 1870 Federal Census

               On July 8, 1870, Caroline was enumerated in the Ezekiel Chew household in Twin Township, Darke County, Ohio6, as Caroline Chew, age 44, born in New Jersey.  Her occupation was listed as keeping house.

          2.1.2. 1860 Federal Census

               On August 2, 1860, Caroline was enumerated in the Ezekiel Chew household in Neave Township, Darke County, Ohio7, as Caroline Chew, age 34, born in New Jersey.

          2.1.3. 1850 Federal Census

              On September 2, 1850, Caroline was enumerated in the Ezekiel Chew household in Jackson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio8, as Cordelia Chew, age 24, born in New Jersey.

          2.1.4. 1840 Federal Census

               Caroline is likely the white female, aged 15-19, in the Rachel Woolston household of Northampton, Burlington County, New Jersey.  This household fits what I know of their family, as Caroline's father died in 1834.

          2.1.5. 1830 Federal Census

               Caroline is likely one of the three white females, aged 5-9, in the Abel B. Woolston household of Northampton, Burlington County, New Jersey.  This household fits what I know about their family.
2.2. State Census Records

          Ohio state census records are not known to exist.

     2.3. Agricultural Census Records

          I have not yet investigated these types of records to see what light they might shed on the Chew family.

3. Military Records

     3.1. Draft Registration

          Not applicable, as Caroline was female.

     3.2. Pension Records

          I am not aware of any military service by either her husband, Ezekiel, or her father, Abel, that would have entitled Caroline to pension benefits.

     3.3. Service Records

          Not applicable, as Caroline was female.

4. Land Records

     4.1. Deed Records

          Deed records need to be thoroughly searched in Montgomery and Darke Counties, Ohio to see what records might mention Caroline.  Will add this to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.

     4.2. Plat map / county map

          Plat maps in Montgomery and Darke Counties, Ohio will need to be searched to see what light they can shed on my search for the Chew family.

5. Supplemental Records

     Supplemental records available for research on Caroline include city/county directories, court records and will and probate records.  Will add these to my list of "to-do" items for my next research trip.


1. Chew, Robert L., "Genealogy of the Chew Family", Gloucester County (NJ) Historical Society, Woodbury, NJ, 1982, p. 261.
2. Chew Family History & Message Board / Re : Abel Woolston Chew Bible, online [], accessed 19 November 2010.
3. South Bend, Indiana Weekly Tribune, September 1, 1888, Obituary of Mr. Chew.
4. Milton T. Jay, History of Jay County, Indiana: including its World War Record and Incorporating the Montgomery History (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA: Historical Publishing Company, 1922), page 196.
5. FindAGrave Inc., FindAGrave ( : accessed 4 June 2014), Caroline Chew tombstone.
6. Ezekiel Chew household, 1870 U.S. census, population schedule, New Madison, Twin Township, Darke County, Ohio, dwelling 128, family 127; National Archives micropublication M593, roll 1194.
7. Ezekiel Chew household, 1860 U.S. census, population schedule, Neave Township, Darke County, Ohio,dwelling 116, family 1128, page 164.
8. Ezekiel Chew household, 1850 U.S. census, population schedule, Jackson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, dwelling 901, family 901; National Archives micropublication M432, roll 714.

This post was developed as part of the series relating to Building My 2011 Research Template, an attempt to systematically document and source the details of my ancestors' lives. Comments regarding this template and the conclusions drawn in this article are welcomed.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Amanuensis Monday : George Wright to Sarah Wright, Clermont County, Ohio, 1808

George Wright to Sarah Wright, Clermont County, Ohio Deed Book F-05: 397

Received this copy of a deed from fellow researcher Newell Wright from Clermont County, Ohio that deals with my maternal 5th great-grandfather, George Wright and his mother, Sarah Wright.  A previous post had listed Wright deeds in Clermont County, Ohio , believe this one belongs to Book F-05, page 397.

Know all men by these presents that I George Wright of Pleasant Township County of Clermont and State of Ohio for and in consideration of Three hundred Dollars to me in hand paid before the Delivery hereof by my Mother Sarah Wright Widow of County and State aforesaid the receipt of whereof is hereby acknowledged have given, granted, bargained, sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain, sell, alien, release and convey and confirm to her the said Sarah Wright her heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, all my right, title, property, claim and demand of, in and to a certain piece of Land lying in Pleasant Township County and State aforesaid and is butted and bounded as follows: viz. Beginning at Moses Hicks N.E. corner at a Sugar tree, and running thence North One hundred and forty seven poles to a Lynn and Beech, thence West one hundred and five poles to a Lynn thence South one hundred and forty seven poles to a Sugar tree and two beeches thence East one hundred and five poles to the place of Beginning.  To have and to hold said granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances thereto in any wise belonging, to her the said Sarah Wright her heirs executors administrators and assigns to her and their proper use benefit and behoof forever and I the said George Wright the said granted premises will Warrant and Defend, against the Claims or Demands of all persons claiming by from or under me my heirs or assigns as also against the heirs and assigns of Joseph Vanmeter from whom I purchased the said granted premises.  In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this Tenth day of October One Thousand Eight hundred and Eight.  George Wright (seal).
 Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Wm. O'Bowlin Henry Ralston
October 15th 1808.  This day personally appeared before me Bernard Thomspson a Justice of Clermont County George Wright who did then and there acknowledge the above Indenture to be his own Voluntary act and Deed for the use of the withing mentioned, and Directed the same to be Recorded.  In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day and date above written.  Bernard Thompson (seal).
Things I have learned from this document :

  • George Wright's mother was definitely named Sarah, and she was a widow by 1808.
  • This piece of land is the same piece of land that George purchased from Joseph Vanmeter 
  • George was educated, as he signed the document and was it was sealed, not just "his mark".
  • This places both George and his mother in Clermont County in 1808.  This is important as the 1810 census of Ohio is missing.

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